Cooking with Agrobiodiversity in Lares

This cookbook serves as a resources for the members of the communities of Lares and as a source of information and inspiration for communities in all of Peru. The focus on local ingredients, both cultivated and wild, creates recipes that are innovative, healhty, and tasty!

Barter Markets in Lares

Since altitudes vary so much in the Lares valley, different crops grow at different elevations in the mountains. Consistent with traditional Andean values of solidarity and reciprocity, communities in the area meet every week to trade their different crops to ensure that their families can have diverse and nutritionally rich diets.

Using biodiversity to confront anemia

In Lares, we are researching the potential of wild and underutilized species to improve community nutrition. Lares has one of the highest rates of anemia of any region in Peru, which is why our local experts are working hard to help maintain health in their communities.